Món is a venture of the owners of La Juvenil, the classic chain of pasta houses that has more than half a century of life, and Mondo Spaghetti, the chain of restaurants that has been present in the most important shopping malls for 14 years.
Món urban food, the food house whose objective is that the palate "travel" around the world, through its original dishes with global inspiration.
The agency Zone IV developed the brand, the design of the image and the gastronomic space.


The proposal was to position this new gastronomic space as a place where we will find different flavors, rich and tasty. "Flavors of the world".
A brand was built with a solid and modern urban concept, achieving a very good brand recall.
The subtle and simple accent reminds us of the Google Maps icon, which connotes current, modern and refers to a location in an urban context. He also insinuates the idea of ​​a sign of admiration, without being properly said, but gives us the same concept of dynamism and exclamation.
The typography maintains a good character, and without being so naíf as in the proposals 4 and 6, it is amena and near. Also a certain complicity and destructuring is achieved, having the letter "n" upside down, on the one hand and the tagline in capital letters with the "b" in lower case.
This typographic work gives us a good synthesis of urbanism, and the most important is its contribution of a well-defined identity, which is achieved in this proposal for brand design.
The circle continues to contribute all of the above. Iconic, urban, simple, friendly, impact, and modern hures, technical files, website and billboard, among the different communication media.