The agency Zone IV was called again for the design of a gastronomic proposal in the Middle East, in the kingdom of Bahrain .
Florence Ice-cream is a new brand of homemade ice cream aimed at a premium public of high purchasing power.
This proposal is characterized by its different formats in points of sale, from small motorcycles, bicycles with refrigerators, islands in shopping and commercial spaces. Its products are presented in handmade ice cream, in pots and on pallets completing a wide variety rich and colorful.


It is a brand that transmits tradition from its identity combined with a palette of fresh and modern colors. Its textual and close typography speaks to us of a sensitive and homemade brand at the same time.

For the architecture it was chosen to combine few elements with contrast of colors and textures, defining the woven white bar, planes of distributed glasses and a copper structure that closes the composition.
Following the identity's color palette, a fresh 360 design was created, with intense color accents that give character to the proposal in general. The composition of the whole maintains the rounded shapes present in the brand, so the corners of bars and structures are rounded generating their own identity. In the commercial space, natural wood and upholstery are incorporated to generate a warm and close atmosphere at the same time.

In this way a very modern proposal was achieved, fresh with a very handmade and homemade product that responds to this particular environment for its high temperatures and demands of its high standard of living.